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Does Tate Modern have a cloakroom?

Updated: Feb 16

With nearly 4 million visitors flocking to Tate Modern in 2022, many of them will have arrived wondering one thing: does Tate Modern have a cloakroom?

It might seem like a rather simple question, but for many visitors, the availability of a cloakroom can be one of the most important influences on whether they enjoy their visit or not.

As Tate Modern is housed in a huge former power station on the banks of the River Thames, that means there are lots of galleries (and lots of artworks) to see. Visitors spending even just a couple of hours there can end up walking a considerable distance. That's why the option to store coats and bags is a vital facility to allow a hassle-free experience. Simply, a cloakroom can make exploring more enjoyable and comfortable.

The Tate Modern cloakroom

So to answer the question: yes, Tate Modern does have a cloakroom.

The gallery's cloakroom is a really convenient and secure way to store your luggage while visiting. You'll find it on Level 0 of the Natalie Bell building, which is the older of Tate Modern's two buildings (the one on the Southbank of the River Thames). As the number suggests, it's the lowest floor of the building.

Most people enter Tate Modern from the Turbine Hall entrance. So to locate the cloakroom, walk down the ramp and veer to your left into the glass entrance doors of the Natalie Bell building (like you can see from the image below). Just walk around the back of the escalator and you'll see it next to the Clore Hub.

The glass doors of the Natalie Bell building at Tate Modern with visitors walking around in shot
Find the cloakroom by going through the entrance to the Natalie Bell building in Tate Modern © maxwell museums

The cloakroom is open every day, and it's manned, meaning there are staff constantly present who can assist you. On busy days, and at busy times, there can be a queue to deposit or pick up luggage, but from experience it's rarely more than a few minutes wait.

Photograph of the cloakroom with visitors walking in front and collecting their belongings
The cloakroom at Tate Modern on Level 0 © maxwell museums

Can you take suitcases to Tate Modern?

No, suitcases cannot be taken to Tate Modern.

Bags that are larger than cabin bag size (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) are not permitted in the building at all, so the cloakroom will definitely not be storing them.

You can however store non-electric skateboards, scooters and folding bikes in the cloakroom. And in fact they must be stored there, as they're not allowed elsewhere in the building. But note, electric skateboards, scooters and folding bikes are not permitted on site, so don't bring them.

Be aware too however, that cloakroom capacity is limited, so at busy times they may not be able to accept these items.

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Tate Modern cloakroom cost

Good news, there is no cost to use the cloakroom at Tate Modern — it's free to deposit bags and coats. But there is a suggested donation of £5 or £10 which you can give via the one-tap card reader located at the side. All money goes to fund the work of the Tate galleries so do consider giving if you find the service useful.

Are there lockers at Tate Modern?

There are also lockers available for you to store items on your Tate Modern visit. These are also located on Level 0 but in the Blavatnik Building, which is the newer building on the Southwark side of the gallery.

Most people enter Tate Modern from the Turbine Hall entrance. So to locate the lockers, walk down the ramp and veer to your right, through the glass doors of the Blavatnik Building, and then they can be found immediately on your left.

There are a large number available, in two sizes as you can see from the images below. But they can often be full with no free lockers available on busy days. To use the lockers you will need a £1 or €1 coin.

The smaller locker size at Tate Modern with numbered lockers on show

Photograph of two types of locker size available at Tate Modern
Two types of locker size at Tate Modern. © maxwell museums

Now enjoy your visit

With the convenience of securely storing your belongings, you can explore the vast collection of modern and contemporary art at Tate Modern without any distractions. Embrace the freedom to immerse yourself in art, knowing that your belongings are well taken care of.

They might come in handy if you plan to visit any of Tate Modern's exciting shows in 2024, such as the major exhibition on trailblazing artist Yoko Ono, the survey of experimental artist Mike Kelley, or the immersive work of English-born, US-based artist Anthony McCall.


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