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Anthony McCall to get Tate Modern exhibition in June 2024

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

In June 2024, visitors to Tate Modern in London will be able to explore the immersive artworks of English-born, US-based artist Anthony McCall.

Described by Tate as a 'focused' exhibition, McCall's large-scale sculptural forms will get a ten-month run at the contemporary art gallery on the Southbank of the River Thames.

Seen as a pioneer of film environments, and most famous for his ‘solid-light’ installations, McCall is now 77 years old. His exhibition will let visitors enter and explore his huge artworks, which are mostly created from a thin mist pierced by slowly evolving planes of projected light.

Anthony McCall's first ever 'solid-light’ installation was Line Describing a Cone. Created in 1973, it tests the boundaries between cinema and sculpture and takes the form of a projected white dot that slowly grows to fill the dark space with a cone of light. It immerses its audience members in its field, to mesmerising effect. The piece is thirty minutes long, and is now a key work in Tate’s collection, having been acquired by the gallery in 2005. It'll undoubtedly be a major highlight of the exhibition.

A shadow figure walking towards a light projection emerging from the centre of the image
Anthony McCall, Eye Film Museum exhibition, 2014. Photo: Hans Wilschut, courtesy Sprüth Magers

This new Tate Modern exhibition follows Solid Light Works McCall's last major show in the UK — which was held at the Hepworth Wakefield in Yorkshire. It was his first major UK exhibition in over a decade at the time.

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Further details on what visitors can expect from this exhibition are yet to be revealed. And so far there is no word on ticket prices or even when tickets will go on sale.

But one thing's for sure, it's going to be a major highlight of Tate Modern's 2024 exhibitions. And lovers of immersive art can pair it with a visit to another huge Tate Modern show open at the same time: an entire retrospective of performance artist Yoko Ono. Plus there'll also be a survey of the experimental work of Mike Kelley at the gallery in 2024 too, the UK's first major dedicated to him.

Anthony McCall runs at Tate Modern from 27 June 2024 until 27 Apr 2025.


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